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Edinburgh Pubs cater for a wide range of tastes from family places like Lauriston Farm and the Balmwell ( both well outside the centre) to more traditional places like Harveys and Dance/Theme bars like Frankenstein on George IV bridge ( be there around midnight to half past) or Espionage with its four floors of bars and dance floor open till 3am. For more relaxed daytime and early evening drinking and refuelling try the numerous bars in the Grassmarket and Royal Mile. Many but by no means all pubs can allow children up to 10PM (but don't let yours start ordering double whiskeys).

The main local beer is Caledonian. If you are lucky you may find Orkey Dark Island. The local beers can't match the better Belgian beers in our opinion but are very palatable amd there is always Whiskey. Feel free to experiment.

If you've just arrived and your journey has left you lacking the energy to travel into town try one of the bars in our neighbourhood for a drink or maybe even a karaoke session.

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