Announcing Life Plus - The 21st Century Business Opportunity!

Life Plus!... An Automated Business Opportunity for the 21st Century.

What, No pictures?

That's right, I am deliberately not using pictures, sounds, animations, Java or video clips on this page.


Because I want to be sure anyone can read it.

I am perfectly capable of handling graphics and animations and will put these onto my Multimedia page where it is appropriate and I'm hoping to impress potential clients or Loki's cave where I can indulge myself, but here I want to impress you with Life Plus, the Products and the business opportunity.

Pictures are also secondary on my Writing page except where I am trying to convince prospective clients I can write text for web pages and multimedia packages and then integrate it with other media types

Oh yes: the other reason is I can't draw nearly as well as I can write

(If you would like to see flashy things here like shockwave or even that abomination called Java please Mail me and say so).

Scam City?

Life Plus is basically a network marketing/Multilevel marketing opportunity.

There, I've said it and you're thinking its another come on scam - unless you've been in NWM or MLM before when you will know the Life Plus is widely recognised as NOT being any sort of scam.

I looked at a lot of opportunities before I joined Life Plus. Most of them I rejected straight away either because I felt someone somewhere was running a dodgy operation or, more often, because I felt the products were not right for me.

Life Plus seemed to be the right type of product. It was the testimonials about

and the quality of the people I talked with before joining that persuaded me to join.

That and the fact it was free to start and I need to invest nothing other than time until I start signing people up.

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The World Plus - Life Plus business opportunity sets the pace for other companies. Look:

Is this what you've been looking for?

Life Plus is a true wholesale international nutritional supplement buying club: You simply refer other members and the company takes care of everything else!

The parent company has been manufacturing clinical quality nutritional supplements for 60 years. And four years ago this referral system was introduced.

Now Life Plus is exploding throughout the world. and has local distribution centres in many countries.

I suggest you get involved Now with the simplest, most automated, business opportunity in the world today!

Find out more below...
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Find out more at the World Plus/Life Plus Web Site.

or if you prefer email get immediate information about the Life Plus Opportunity

You can order products or sign up on line at The World Plus Wholesale Online Order/Sign-up Center

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OK lets get the plug in for my services and then we can go on to the interesting links

I am a published writer and hope that Life Plus will give me an income that lets me write full time. Please have a look at my Writing page and see what you think

I am sure that writing and Life Plus will take time to develop and my income comes form a multiplicity of activities the most important being multimedia programming. In the long run I want to publish my own shareware and commercial multimedia software

I suppose you would think me boastful if I told you I was an experienced Russian to English Scientific and Technical translator but the nature of the world is such that you have to be a polymath these days. The option of being a specialist is dying rapidly and I have had to learn to adapt rapidly.

Commercial over, let's get on with the show.

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