Every computer game has a background story, even Duke Nukem. where the story makes you the hero but could also make you and the monsters attacking you victims.

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In 1968 a picture of a Czech beating his fist on a Russian tank appeared in Russia and the West.

The Western caption

"Heroic Czechs defy Russian Invaders"

the Russian caption

 "Czechs welcome Soviet liberators"

"A picture is worth a thousand words?"

Don't neglect text

We communicate in words. Not pictures.

Suppose the text in video games wasn't there?

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The three by three square used here was sacred in many cultures as it represents the centre and eight directions

Publications for sale


You can order print copies of publications below from Aayawa or, in the case of books from the publisher. Please email us for current prices. Escape and Strange Fire have ceased publication.


Advanced Level Common Core Pure Mathematics: First and Best Limited 1995 ISBN 1898 091 79X


Managing Email Clutter: Clapperton Publishing 1998

Protecting your Privacy with PGP: BizNews Ezine November 1997

Protecting your data: BizNews Ezine October 1997

Paganism and the Spirit World :Strange Fire, Allston Massachusetts, February 1997

Lord of the Wild Hunt: Strange Fire, Allston Massachusetts, February 1997

Knowing Loki: Strange Fire, Allston Massachusetts, July 1996

Making Language Work: Escape, April 1995


Washing Clothes: Strange Fire, January 1996

Office Romance, Circuit Traces April 1996



We don't employ permanent staff and probably never will but we do have occasional needs for freelancers.

We are interested in hearing from UK Trivia question writers with Microsoft Access and Native German French or Italian writers resident in the appropriate country also with Access, or freelance CV writers. If this is you please send your Details Here




We are introducing a new service, initially for Philatelists and Postal Historians

If you're not satisfied with your calligraphy writing up your collection can be a depressing experience, but printed albums are too restrictive. Now you can have the best of both worlds: a unique printed album.

For very reasonable rates we will produce customised album pages to your specifications Just email us a rough idea ofwhat text you want and where you want it placed and we will lay it all out and post your album pages to you.

Use the time you save to hunt for that elusive item or in research.

We can also scan in Maps and other documents. Regrettably colour cost's extra.

We can produce High quality full colour business cards very economically. Please contact us for details.