Welcome to Loki's new cave

First some random observations for the benefit of censorware programs

A boobie is a type of seabird

Boobs are mistakes

The latin word for Six is Sex
as in "Sex miles hic interficuntur"
(Six soldiers were killed here")

I like chicken legs but not the breast

The Bible contains the worst pornography in the world

Drugs screw up the weak minded: Religion is the opium of the people. It will be until the crack of doom.

Cockfighting is a national pastime in many parts of the world.

OK that's enough for now.

What can one say about Loki that hasn't been said a million times before?


Spider See Root's "Loki in Scandinavian Mythology"
Snake Is Loki actually bound under the Midgard Serpent?
 Slug Reviled, can't keep them out, change sex constantly when mating. Got to be Lokean animals
Seal Loki changed into a seal when fighting Heimdall, and seals could, traditionally, change into humans.
Salmon This was Loki's downfall, but I think he had to let himself be caught in this way.


Tongue  Sticks and stones may  break my bones- they heal- but words keep me awake at night for years. 
sword No real reason for this except that he used a sword to kill a servant before his flyting
net He invented it. I think it is related to the sacred nine by nine grid representing the centre and eight quarters
toenailclippers Well if you sally forth at Ragnarok on a boat made of toenail clippings they have to come from somewhere
staff Recall how he hit a giant and the staff stuck to it?


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