Welcome to Aquadry

Aquadry is a revolutionary new product.

If you ever have to carry water long distances you'll appreciate how heavy it can be.

At Aquadry we have found solution to your problem.

Don't carry huge quantities of ponderously heavy liquid:  just carry Aquadry and make the water you need when you need it. No more sweaty struggling with unwieldy containers, just use AquaDry

We've used ground breaking antitachyonic technology to help you

Drive in desert country

Or  in any activity you need water but don't want the weight

Here's what a few of our customers say about us

"After my back went I couldn't go camping for years. 
Aquadry means I can carry all the water I need without straining myself. Thanks Aquadry"
"AquaDry gives me the edge when I am racing. I shot up ten places in the Tour De France just because of the weight advantage it gives me"
"We're evaluating Aquadry for our Fire Engines. We estimate the cost savings will allow us to buy three new engines, which means at least one extra  life a year saved" "We're stockpiling AquaDry against the next drought. It's a Godsend".

AquaDry comes in a range of sizes, from the one gallon packet, which fits in a space the size of a wristwatch, to the Industrial Strength 1000 gallon pack which fits in a shirt pocket. Other sizes are available by special order. Please note that while we supply salt to combat dehydration we recommend you take the larger sizes with an added pinch of salt.

If you would like to profit from AquaDry please mail aquadry about our reseller and Multilevel Marketing programs. Join us today and be on the road to financial Freedom with AquaDry dehydrated water.