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This page holds the poem I used to put on Loki's cave I'm also putting links of interest to writers here, mainly for my own benefit: when I surf the web I use my pages as jumping off points. Loki's cave will be left with mainly pagan and magickal links.

If you want to chat about writing please feel free to mail me


The poem

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City Mortuary, Edinburgh
A. Kashko 1994
British Poetry Review 1996, Mast Publications January 1996 ISBN1-898322-13-9

Ring for Attention says
The plate. He rings.
A shock wave shatters
Icy silence. The lovers listen
But no one answers

He has
The attention,
Of the businessmen
In their icy mini hotels
But no one answers.

He rings again.
He has the attention
Of lovers in icy embrace
But no one answers.

Disappointed he leaves
The lovers relax
Slowly withdraw
Ice cold attention


What Am I working on?

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Mainly fantasy novels. Characters keep introducing themselves but don't tell me what is happening to them. I've not heard from my favourite dragon for a long time. I can't write full time so working on these books is a slow process. If my multimedia or translation business reaches a stage where I can take a back seat these books will get finished.

I'm also planning non fiction books and articles on a range of themes from Internet to Paganism. Non Fiction ideas ( especially commissions so I have an excuse to neglect other paying work) always welcomed. Fictional ideas are more personal so if you offer one and I let it go don't be offended. So go ahead and Mail me

Writing for multimedia

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One of my interests and an area I want to get into is writing for new media - especially multimedia.

Multimedia needs much less text: After all a picture is worth a thousand words and a rude noise worth a dozen pictures.

Multimedia is excellent for training and conveying information: One does learn faster with a multimedia package than a text book but I feel deep complex arguments like those in mathematics and mathematical proofs don't easily translatable into multimedia terms (If at all). If you disagree or have any comments on how one could teach (say) Nonstandard Analysis at specialist level ( like that of Stroyan and Luxemburg) via a multimedia package in a way that develops the students skills and mathematical stamina please Mail me .

I have some ideas about writing for multimedia - both non fiction and entertainment and am working on an article I will submit to a writer's magazine. If it gets published I will put a digest of it here.

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What can I do for you?

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