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Mail Me With comments and suggestions for improvement, new links to add etc. I have replaced some outdated links and added a couple of new ones. Since I am currently making my living by a mixture of multimedia programming and registering domain names in various countries for a client, as well as assisting their trademark efforts, it may be some time before I make more changes. Pictures are especially difficult as I can't draw very well.


The poem I used to put on here is now on my Writing page which. like this one, is changed as and when time allows. Since I have been invited to collaborate on a book on computer aided language learning changes could be infrequent.

I was pleased when Strange Fire: The magazine of unorthodox Spirituality, recently published an article I wrote about Loki. I now have an article in progress about Odin so if you have any insights or experiences you want to share feel free to Mail Me . in the next month or so. Once I have finished the Odin Article I plan to start investigating the I-Ching, Chinese Astrology and Chinese Shamanism.

Like his blood brother One eye and the one with the hammer Flame Hair adopted me, not the other way round. He's caused a lot of changes in me and my life in recent years. Fortunately I've survived so far, if only Just.

I like oddities, strange things and the unusual so usually start with Fortean times

I think I preferred the magazine when it was a pocket sized affair and less commercial. The web page and the usenet group (alt.misc.forteana) seem OK though.

I'm not into UFO's although the case of the Mince Pie Martians still amuses me. If you like UFOs try the UFO Directory or the monster UFO page at the UFO folklore page which also has a page for UFO researchers with older browsers

If you are into occultism you can find a lot of resources on Shawn Knight's Occult page . Paganism Shades into New Age and Pan's Grove is the web page of the Pan's Grove Pagan/new age Newsletter.

You can find information on Wicca and Celtic Paganism on Liddell McClellan's Home page

I'm not sure where to classify this, but claims are being made that petrified human bones have been discovered in Carboniferous strata between anthracite veins. Open-minded individuals can form their own opinion by calling up:

Conrad's OOPARTS . He is at least alert to the possibility of fraud and misidentification and if even one of the claims is right there are a lot of problems for geological dating ahead.


Just links

Pagan, Occult and Magickal

Loki Cult Home Page

Fortean times

The Occult home page

Celtic Mythology



Pan's Grove

Shawn Knight's Occult page

Conrad's OOPARTS



The United Kingdom Pagan Federation

The Loki Cult (More of a deliberate disorganisation really)


Pagan Typefaces Free

Runic fonts for Macintosh - mostly free. The page above it holds fonts for various languages




crystal healing-orientated information - Geoffrey Keyte

'Monotheism and its Discontents' an essay by Gore Vidal

Voyager...On the Path of Transformation Includes stuff on Urban Shamanism. The parent page, the easiest way to reach it, is The Global Awakening Home Page

Lady Morgan's page i.e Witch's Brew

"Instructions For Meeting Time Travellers"

Conrad's OOPARTS .

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