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From the SEC instructions for completing the registration form for a foreign Company

"This form should not be regarded as a form to be completed..."

From the back of a British Television Licence

"Registered blind persons are entitled to a discount of £1.25 off the cost of a Television Licence"


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The Macintosh is beginning to recover now Jobs has cut out a lot of dead wood. Pity about handwriting recognition. The Mac will never rival Wintel, but anyone looking for an alternative to Microsoft now Bill Gates seems on the ropes must consider the Mac, unless they need the power and versatility of UNIX.

Having had to use an IBM Laptop with Windows 95 when my Macintosh stopped working I wish Apple would hire Microsoft's Marketing team and Microsoft hire Apple's programmers and give them their head. Macintosh software is vastly superior - ask my young son what he thinks of games on the PC compared with the MAC and stand back and essential applications run on both platforms, but Unix has one advantage: You can get it free.

Translation as we know it is on the way out. Machine Aided Translation will become widespread leaving manual translation for languages of lesser distribution. The translator will be a checker and editor. This won't happen overnight and with technology reducing the cost of human translators security not cost will drive the transition.

IT contract vacancies are becoming fewer. Temporary vacancies lead the permanent job market and the year 2000 is coming up so expect a shakeout of programmers from January 1 2000. The best will keep their jobs ( what employers mean by "best" and what programmers mean by "best" are different and vary from project to project) and technicians will always be needed. Many in the middle will find they are not as good as they believed.....




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